Fermata Energy

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V2G (vehicle-to-grid) is working today for organizations, such as the City of Boulder, Revel, and FirstLight Power.

Fermata Energy, the leader in V2G bidirectional EV charging systems, redefines how fleet operators, utilities, and OEMs value EVs and EV charging. That’s because EVs are more than sustainable transportation; they are “batteries on wheels” that help utilities improve grid resilience.

With V2G, fleets earn revenue from their local utility by sending energy stored in EV batteries to the grid or to their building when it’s needed most. The Fermata Energy platform costs the same as unidirectional chargers – but can pay for itself under three years. That ROI is not possible with unidirectional chargers. 

Fermata Energy is the only V2G company with

  • end-to-end V2G bidirectional charging platform; 
  • proprietary AI-driven software that optimizes thousands of data points, including state of charge, utility rates, energy trends, weather, fleet utilization and more;
  • simplified reporting that forecast when customers can choose to discharge energy in EV batteries to the grid; and 
  • integrations with utilities across the US.
Fermata Energy is technology agnostic; our software delivers V2G access on bidirectionally-enabled EV or V2G-capable chargers. Our proven AI-driven software enables every auto OEM to quickly access the V2G market.

Fermata Energy’s platform is the first to be approved in the US by a major OEM for not voiding the battery warranty.

For a fleet evaluation or to schedule a meeting, email "MOVE Mobility" to info@fermataenergy.com.

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