Shiv Mani * This speaker is participating in a private capacity | Senior Analyst
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Shiv Mani * This speaker is participating in a private capacity, Senior Analyst, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Shiv Mani develops, leads, and implements electricity policy with respect to developing electricity markets and the integration of new energy technologies including renewable energy, distributed resources, microgrids and electric vehicles. His background spans the whole spectrum of electricity markets from wholesale power generation, transmission and retail distribution including utility regulation and third-party supply. Shiv has played a leading role in the restructuring and deregulation of the power industry, in the development of demand response and in developing national transmission policy (FERC Order No. 1000). Currently as a senior analyst at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission he focuses on developing future electricity market designs that integrate emerging uses of the grid. Over the past 25 years, he has provided executive level strategic and technical leadership to major energy companies, RTOs/ISOs, utilities, governments, corporations, financial institutions, the World Bank and consumer advocates in transmission planning, retail energy solutions, electricity market design, rate design, natural gas market dynamics, incentive regulation, energy efficiency, demand response and the integration of distributed generation and variable resources. Shiv has a B.A. (Hons.) in Economics from the University of Delhi and a M.S. degree in Environmental and Regulatory Economics from the University of Wyoming.


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Panel: EV infrastructure challenges and a roadmap for the future

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