Michelle Chaka | Division Director
Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Michelle Chaka, Division Director, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Michelle Chaka has 25 years of experience working on transportation safety with tenures at both VTTI and Ford Motor Company. As the founding director of VTTI’s Division of Data and Analytics, Chaka leads a talented team of researchers tasked with conducting data-driven research that develops and employs sophisticated algorithms, machine learning and statistical methods, innovative data fusion, and visualization techniques to advance transportation. Her initiatives at VTTI include the establishment of the Automated Mobility Partnership (AMP) program, a global industry-driven program delivering data and tools (analytics and virtual simulation) to advance the safe deployment of automated driving features and serving as the principal investigator for the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Considerations for Vehicles with Automated Driving Systems project sponsored by NHTSA. While at Ford, Chaka led and managed real-world safety and product analysis to deliver data-driven corporate safety strategies and policies. She worked with government agencies and other safety organizations to help enhance motor vehicle safety.


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The road to assuring safety

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