Jordan Justus | Founder & CEO

Jordan Justus, Founder & CEO, Automotus

Automotus is a curbside management company that uses computer vision technology to help cities better understand and manage their curb space while also helping fleets operate more efficiently and avoid costly parking citations—all to create more sustainable and equitable streets. Through real-time analytics, Automotus helps cities measure demand at the curb while automatically charging users by the minute & enforcing violations as they occur. Automotus will expand to 7 new cities in 2021, including Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Santa Monica, where it is deploying technology for the nation’s first Zero Emissions Delivery Zone. The team is backed by leading investors, including Techstars Smart Mobility Accelerator, the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, Quake Capital Partners, Techstars Ventures, Baron Davis, Kevin Uhlenhaker, Derrick Ko, and Zaizhaung Cheng.


Day 2 @ 11:30

How automated curb management can mitigate traffic congestion

last published: 28/Sep/21 22:35 GMT

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