Joe Xing | CEO and Founder
Roman Roads

Joe Xing, CEO and Founder, Roman Roads

Dr. Xing is the founder and CEO of ROMAN ROADS, which is a startup company based at Bay Area, California. ROMAN ROADS is focusing on building disruptive Behavioral Learning technology to make self-driving cars understand and fit into human driving logic.

Dr. Xing received his Ph.D degree in Physics at CERN, France and Switzerland, affiliated with Syracuse University, where he was focusing on using neural network to solve leading-edge scientific problem, the Big Bang. Dr. Xing joined Stanford in 2013 as Staff Scientist, where he worked at the national laboratory SLAC with job responsibility being developing and managing an in-house software system of data analysis, machine learning, sensor / detector read-out, big data framework etc.

Dr. Xing joined NIO, USA in 2016 and was leading a few Data Science effort such as Autonomous Driving modeling and Battery Modeling. Dr. Xing joined Borgward, BAIC Group in 2018 as the Director of Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driving, and was in charge of the R&D on artificial intelligence for self-driving car technologies.

Dr. Xing is an exceptional scientist and AI researcher with outstanding publication records of more than 15,000 Google Scholar citations on top-notch science, AI journals and conference. Dr. Xing was also invited speaker on applications of deep neural network. Moreover, Dr. Xing is an experimentalist who always believe in data and experimental results.


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Building a coordinated artificial intelligence learning system using the smart city

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