James Mauch | Board Member
Samson Sky

James Mauch, Board Member, Samson Sky

James is a Board Member of Samson Sky, a flying car company based in Prineville, Oregon, that is currently flight testing its flying car prototype called the Switchblade. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded and co-founded several successful technology companies, starting in 1989.

James' curiosity in all things mobile began early. He built an all-electric bicycle when he was 14 (starter motor and a car battery on an English 3-speed) and a hang glider when he was 17, using plans he purchased from an ad in Popular Mechanics magazine. James has pursued that same curiosity through a law career, 3 technology companies, 2 marriages and 4 daughters. He is an instrument rated private pilot who looks forward to changing the lives of regional travelers through smart mobility.


Day 2 @ 11:30

Flying cars and the near future of regional air mobility

last published: 28/Sep/21 22:35 GMT

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