Jacob Dagmy | Chief Executive Officer
Dagmy Motors

Jacob Dagmy, Chief Executive Officer, Dagmy Motors

Jacob is the Founder and CEO of Dagmy Motors. In his role, Jacob developed the revolutionary battery pack technology around which Dagmy Motors was founded. Under Dagmy’s leadership, Dagmy Motors formed as a startup in the battery technology space committed to making electric propulsion and energy storage affordable. Jacob leads Dagmy Motors’ team in product development, technical strategy, and overall company outlook and vision.
During his university years, Jacob led comparative studies on fuel cells and battery technology, completing a survey of energy storage systems for alternative energy vehicle use. In his research, Jacob found that batteries’ major conclusive setbacks were in packaging and cooling. This research led to the development of the proprietary materials, modular pack architecture, and unique passive cooling system that allow the Dagmy Motors’ battery pack to be the most affordable, yet most energy dense battery pack on the market today.
In founding Dagmy Motors, Jacob went back to his course of study and his deep interest in refining the future energy industry. Jacob studied at Columbia University and has a Bachelor of Science in Business & Finance, with a concentration in Materials Science. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys using exploring the newest battery and energy storage technologies in the lab and reading research papers on a broad range of topics.


Day 1 @ 15:00

Battery developments: The path to sustainability

last published: 31/Mar/20 16:15 GMT

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