Danielle J Harris | Mobility Innovation Director
Elemental Excelerator

Danielle J Harris, Mobility Innovation Director, Elemental Excelerator

Danielle works directly with Elemental Excelerator’s mobility portfolio companies, partners, and cities to catalyze collaboration within the mobility industry. She provides technical expertise, industry insights and an invaluable network of passionate transportation professionals. Through these relationships, Danielle helps companies co-design and implement successful projects, as well as scale their products and services. As a thought leader in new mobility with 10 years of experience in transit planning, street design, and transportation policy, Danielle provides a systems approach to help both startups and companies strategize and thrive within the ever-evolving mobility revolution. Danielle sees mobility as a vital tool to resolve the challenges of today and unlock the potential of tomorrow. At Elemental, Danielle has worked with notable water companies such as Xos Trucks, ChargerHelp!, Ampaire, Scoot, Proterra.


Day 1 @ 14:55

Panel: Building a climate-tech workforce for an equitable and resilient future

last published: 28/Sep/21 22:35 GMT

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