Carsten Breitfeld | Chief Executive Officer
Faraday Future

Carsten Breitfeld, Chief Executive Officer, Faraday Future

Dr. Carsten Breitfeld is a world-renowned expert in electric mobility with a PhD in mechanical engineering. As CEO of Faraday Future, Dr. Breitfeld will not only steward the launch of the company’s premium FF 91 electric vehicle and manage the final development of the FF 81 mass market electric vehicle but he will also ensure that the true vision of FF is realized beyond manufacturing and selling the traditional automobile. That concept will include breaking the boundaries between the Internet, IT, creative, and auto industries with product and service offerings that integrate new energy, AI, Internet, and sharing models that will ultimately aim to transform the way we think about mobility.
Before joining Faraday Future in September 2019, Dr. Breitfeld co-founded and served as Chairman and CEO of BYTON, a Chinese electric car startup. Prior to that, Dr. Breitfeld spent 20 years at BMW as Group Vice President and Head of the i8 vehicle program, which gave birth to the game-changing i8 luxury plug-in hybrid model.
His leadership and introduction of a revolutionary development process helped launch the BMW i8 successfully in merely 38 months. The model surpassed all vehicle standards in performance, materials used and efficiency of development, setting new benchmarks in the auto industry. Through his efforts, innovative sales and customer service techniques and systems were established to market the BMW i8.
In addition to the i8 program, Dr. Breitfeld led a range of key engineering divisions for BMW within chassis development, powertrain development and corporate strategy.
Dr. Breitfeld exudes a positive attitude and has a great passion for life, often displaying fearlessness when challenges arise. In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, mountain climbing and cycling. He also likes arts, fine dining and good red wines. Dr. Breitfeld is married with two children.


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last published: 31/Mar/20 16:15 GMT

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