Alex Nesic | Co-Founder And Chief Business Officer

Alex Nesic, Co-Founder And Chief Business Officer, Drover

Alex is co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Drover AI, a leader in AI-powered IoT technology for micromobility that addresses some of the most significant safety, regulatory and operational challenges facing the industry. Drover AI is Alex’s 3rd micromobility company (CLEVR Mobility and Immotor) where he continues to enable shared micromobility and LEV’s in general to play a critical part in a sustainable urban transportation future. Over the evolution of the still nascent shared micromobility industry, Alex has sought to grow and promote new technologies while working closely with various cities to further the cause of responsible deployments as part of the larger public transit ecosystem.


Day 1 @ 12:20

Panel: Micromobility - the solution to shrink "transit deserts"?

last published: 28/Sep/21 22:35 GMT

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