Pipedream Labs


Pipedream Labs is working to enable hyperlogistics for the cities of tomorrow. Hyperlogistics is achieved when items can be delivered across a city within single-digit minutes or seconds, and can be returned just as quickly⸺all for a nominal cost. Achieving hyperlogistics will unlock instant delivery under every retail category. Instead of batching your grocery order at once, you only need to order individual items as needed. To make this “pipedream” happen, there needs to be a delivery vehicle that can deliver directly into homes & businesses as fast as possible at a high-volume, completely autonomously without compromising safety. The missing piece is underground.

To make this underground system, the cost of our infrastructure has to be as low as possible. Recent advances in robotics & small motors allow us to build underground robots, and these can be transported through the same pipes local utility service providers are already using; however, we can't connect every home overnight, so to make this happen we are building a middle-mile network in cities. This allows items to be batched and moved around a city at warpspeed with nominal cost, and no impact to the environment or automotive traffic. This will theoretically reduce costs for the instant-needs category⸺allowing more people to access it, and allow more companies to participate.

In October 2021, Pipedream closed a $1.6M pre-seed. Instead of announcing, we went right to work making Pipedream possible. Since then, we have fully completed our pre-seed objectives: build a prototype system, get construction ready on a pilot, and hire an insane team of founders. With these objectives complete, we are moving forward with the pilot