PCQ Technologies


PCQ Technologies is committed to the alternative/EV vehicle industry and has the world's leading expertise in hardcoated lightweight polycarbonate glazings. Our partnership with leading alternative vehicle manufacturers is a demonstration of our ability to form and manufacture large windshields and canopies.

Our exclusive Quantum® hardcoating offers superior durability and scratch resistance that can withstand over one million wiper cycles in both wet and dry conditions.

Our products are DOT202 AS2-AS7 and ANSI/SAE Z26.1 1996 compliant, and E8 43 R - 019577 certified.

Apply our 85 years of product development and process manufacturing experience to your next project. Contact a sales engineer today at info@pcqtech.com.

• Low-Emissions Commercial Transport
• Government/Municipal Vehicles
• E-Powered Personal Transport
• Construction Equipment
• Farm/Off-Road Vehicles
• Recreational SxS UTVs
• Lightweight Aircraft
• Lightweight Watercraft... and More

• Full Product Design and Engineering Capabilities
• Complete Process Manufacturing
• State-of-the-Art Equipment
• Clean-Room Hardcoating
• UV Curing and Testing
• Silkscreen and Inkjet Graphics
• Thermoforming and Injection Molding

PCQ Technologies: The Worldwide Leader in Lightweight Transportation Glazing Technology.

PCQ Technologies
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