As a European leader for e- mobility intermediation, Gireve has been aggregating, processing and enriching data on charging station installation and usage for more than 10 years to offer B2B services that meet the evolving needs of its clients. At the heart of exchanges, Gireve combines multiple sources of data to shed light on the uses of mobility and build predictive models on tomorrow’s behaviours.

Gireve offers market services for e-mobility operators, to accelerate their activities. With a single connection to Gireve’s IT platform, operators can access the European market of e-mobility and benefit from Gireve’s support for contractualisation, IT connection and daily technical operations. Gireve’s roaming services for e-mobility operators make it easier for them to offer EV charging anywhere, anytime and on any charging station, sharing their objective of offering the EV driver a seamless charging experience. Basing on its knowledge of the emobility field and how charging usage evolves, Gireve has developed consulting services and data analytics tools to advise public and private players who need intelligence on a defined market. From recommendations on the creation of a deployment plan to dedicated team training, Gireve accompanies its clients in their development and strategic orientation issues to build with them a sustainable, innovative and accessible mobility for all.