Elysia – Battery Intelligence from WAE


Elysia – Battery Intelligence From WAE


Elysia is a world-leading battery intelligence offering from WAE Technologies (WAE), bringing the very latest in battery software to the mass automotive and e-mobility market. Drawing on more than a decade of high-performance battery expertise from WAE - which has designed, developed, and manufactured the world’s most advanced batteries for multiple sectors, from global electric motorsport programmes to electric hypercars and mining trucks - Elysia brings game-changing insight to the burgeoning global electric vehicle space.


Combining a quantum leap in battery software embedded in the vehicle, which features best-in-class BMS algorithms, with a powerful cloud platform, delivering standard setting insights, Elysia not only gives OEMs, fleet operators and battery asset financiers unprecedented access to battery insights but the opportunity to enhance life, safety, and performance during the battery’s life.


Together, Elysia’s unique software and cloud offering has the potential to unlock longer battery life, faster charging speeds along with increasing battery power and range, while at the same time leveraging never-before-seen through-life monitoring. This newfound transparency on battery health gives certainty to battery warranties, accuracy for residual value calculations and supports new models of battery financing.


Elysia: Potential, unlocked. Advantage, delivered.


For more information, see www.elysia.co. Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.