BattGenie is a leader in the field of Battery Management System control software. Our offering, which is backed by multiple patents, is independently validated by testing at the National Renewable Energy Labs and offers the benefits of reducing recharge times by 40%, increasing cycle life by 100%, and improving on operational safety performance.
Our software incorporates physics-based models and utilizes advanced, high speed mathematical solvers, to provide the most advanced charge control algorithms currently available. The software is chemistry agnostic and can be run any of the BMS microcontroller chips currently in use, requiring roughly 100kb of memory and providing a sampling/refresh rate of 100ms. Unlike current control methodologies, based upon static, empirical models, our software provides real-time, dynamic charge control based on the same Porous Electrode pseudo-two-dimensional model used to design and develop Lithium-Ion cells. From this approach the three-parameter data set (Voltage, Current, Temperature) is increased to much more definitive thirty parameter data set which provides a very accurate view of the battery performance, true state of charge, and state of health while also providing the ability for prognostic evaluation of remaining life/performance of the battery.