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JUNE 9, 2020 17:00 (BST)

Hosted by Terrapinn


What is the key to a sophisticated smart transport network?


For a start, smart cities must maintain continuous communication between vehicles and control systems, authorities and operators.


Buses, trams, subways, railways, high-speed trains and driverless vehicles - you name it, they all need an efficient communications system that grows at the same pace as their operations.  


So, how are smart cities in the US and Canada dealing with their biggest comms challenges?


This webinar will help you understand:


  • How major cities have overcome the biggest communication issues in mass transit

  • The technology enabling integrated data communications across cities

  • Case studies: How New Jersey, Toronto, Montreal and Michigan have streamlined their operations 


Who should attend:


  • CTOs

  • Engineers




  • Bus Operators

  • Rail Operators

  • High Speed Trains

  • Driverless Vehicles

  • Public Transit  

  • DoT/ Smart City Reps

  • City Planners




Featured Speakers:

Jose Martin, President & CEO, PowerTrunk

Jose Martin

President & CEO


Andrew Schwartz, Director, NJ Transit

Andrew Schwartz

Director of Radio, Electronic Security & UAS Systems

NJ Transit

Paul C. Ajegba, Director, Michigan DoT

Paul C. Ajeba


Michigan Department of Transport

Sylvain Privé, VP of Telecommunications, FNX-INNOV Inc

Sylvain Privé

VP of Telecommunications




Speaker Bios


Jose Martin  is a veteran engineer and executive that served formerly as CTO and CMO of several land mobile radio and fiber optics cable manufacturers. As CMO of PowerTrunk’s parent company Teltronic (, spearheaded the international expansion of the company (1999-2013). Appointed COO (2009) and CEO (2013) of PowerTrunk, led the introduction of the TETRA technology in the United States and Canada. He’s served as Board Member of the Association of Electronic Industries of Spain (ASIMELEC) and Vice Chairman of the TETRA Rail Forum (TCCA). He lives in Jersey City, NJ (USA).


Andrew Schwartz  has responsibility for the engineering, operations, and maintenance of NJ TRANSIT's statewide TETRA radio network. Installed in 2013 and utilized by light rail, bus, and several other organizations - both inside and external, it is the first commercial TETRA system in the U.S. In addition to the statewide TETRA network, Mr. Schwartz has responsibility for Electronic Security Systems which includes, but is not limited to, closed circuit television and access control systems design, implementation, and support. Finally, Mr. Schwartz is the architect of NJ TRANSIT’s fledgling unmanned aerial systems (UAS) organization that provides a multitude of UAS services to NJ TRANSIT’s various business units such as mapping and infrastructure inspection.


Paul C. Ajegba   has 30 years of experience with the Michigan Department of Transportation, and was appointed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer as Director on Jan. 1, 2019. He previously served MDOT for three months as Metro Region Engineer, and before that as University Region Engineer. During his seven years in the University Region, Ajegba oversaw his team's involvement in the planning, design and construction of several major projects, including the US-23 Flex Route - a project nominated for the America's Transportation Award, landing among the top 12 national finalists. Other notable projects include the I-94 rehabilitation project in Ann Arbor/Jackson, the I-96/US-23 interchange, and the I-75 freeway project.


Sylvain Prive   has 30 years of experience in the telecommunications field. He owns an expertise allowing him to add each year, more clients completely pleased to his list. Master of the sensible and critic environments and in full possession of the enterprise telecommunication networks, Sylvain Privé has the know-how and the passion that we only know to the specialists of his domain. His realizations gave to the societies he served, the bases of intelligent secured systems that are now the standards in the industry.



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