MOVE America Speakers | Ticketing, Revenue & Payments

 Get exposure to the most innovative customer and payment systems designed for multimodal transport. Seamless city travel at its best.

Sharada Bose, Chief Operating Officer,

Carlos Cruz-Casas, Assistant Director, Department of Transportation and Public Works, Miami-Dade County

Carlos Cruz-Casas |  | Miami-Dade County » speaking at MOVE America

Alexandre Dallaire, Business Analyst, Jakarto

Alexandre Dallaire |  | Jakarto » speaking at MOVE America

Adero Davis, Co-Founder, FairFare

Ralph Gambetta, General Secretary, Calypso Networks Association

Ralph Gambetta |  | Calypso Networks Association » speaking at MOVE America

Marko Gucek, CEO, GoOpti

Paul Hutton, Director, Highway News

Paul Hutton |  | Highway News » speaking at MOVE America

Briony Krikorian-Slade, Principal, Card Payments, UK Finance

Briony Krikorian-Slade |  | UK Finance » speaking at MOVE America

Niklas Kviselius, Manager, New Mobility, TransLink

Tina Morch-Pierre, Assistant Vice President, Innovation, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Tina Morch-Pierre |  | Dallas Area Rapid Transit » speaking at MOVE America

Mary Mwangi, Chief Executive Officer, Data Integrated Limited

Mary Mwangi |  | Data Integrated Limited » speaking at MOVE America

Cassiano Rusycki, Chief Executive Officer, RioCard

Payam Safa, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bellhop

Paul Salama, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, ClearRoad

Paul Salama |  | ClearRoad » speaking at MOVE America

Chloe Spano, VP Innovation, Cityway

Michael Van Horn, Senior Vice President, Betterez

Michael Van Horn |  | Betterez » speaking at MOVE America

Rodney Williams, Chief Commercial Officer, LISNR

Rodney Williams |  | LISNR » speaking at MOVE America

Steve Young, Vice President of Technology & Innovation, VIA Metropolitan Transit

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