MOVE America Speakers | Ticketing, Revenue & Payments

 Get exposure to the most innovative customer and payment systems designed for multimodal transport. Seamless city travel at its best.

Tess Abanto, Coordinator, Revenue Streams, Calgary Transit

Jeffrey Arndt, President And Chief Executive Officer, VIA Metropolitan Transit

Chris Ballinger, Chief Executive Officer, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative

Chris Ballinger |  | Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative » speaking at MOVE America

Sharada Bose, Founding Member & Executive Leader,

Sharada Bose |  | » speaking at MOVE America

Megan Broccoli, Co-Founder, TIKD

Megan Broccoli |  | TIKD » speaking at MOVE America

Artur Costa, Owner, Planeta Informatica

Artur Costa |  | Planeta Informatica » speaking at MOVE America

Kevin Favro, Co-Founder, EVlife

Kevin Favro |  | EVlife » speaking at MOVE America

Zakharii Fesenko, Chief Technology Officer, Cryptowatt

Peter Glenn, Co-Founder, EVlife

Peter Glenn |  | EVlife » speaking at MOVE America

Marko Gucek, Chief Executive Officer, GoOpti

Niklas Z Kviselius, New Mobility Manager, Translink

David Litwak, Chief Executive Officer, Mozio

David Litwak |  | Mozio » speaking at MOVE America

Tina Morch-Pierre, Avp, Payment Systems And Statistical Reporting, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Tina Morch-Pierre |  | Dallas Area Rapid Transit » speaking at MOVE America

Jake Moskowitz, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Voyhoy

Jake Moskowitz |  | Voyhoy » speaking at MOVE America

Andres Osula, Chief Executive Officer, Turnit

Andres Osula |  | Turnit » speaking at MOVE America

Joanna Pinkerton, Chief Executive Officer And President, Central Ohio Transit Authority

Joanna Pinkerton |  | Central Ohio Transit Authority » speaking at MOVE America

Cassiano Rusycki, Chief Executive Officer, RioCard

Payam Safa, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Bellhop

Paul Salama, Chief Operating Officer, ClearRoad

Paul Salama |  | ClearRoad » speaking at MOVE America

Yona Shtern, Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, Arrive

Adam Simkin, Co-Founder, Autofleet

Erik Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, SeatsX

Jake Sion, Chief Operating Officer, Transit App

Jake Sion |  | Transit App » speaking at MOVE America

Kate Slevin, Senior Vice President, Regional Plan Association

Kate Slevin |  | Regional Plan Association » speaking at MOVE America

Roamy Valera, Chief Executive Officer, Usa And Canada, PAYBYPHONE

Roamy Valera |  | PAYBYPHONE » speaking at MOVE America

Jochem Verheul, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, VMC.AI

Jeff Warren, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Migo

Jeff Warren |  | Migo » speaking at MOVE America

Thorsten Weber, Chief Executive Officer, Car eWallet

Thorsten Weber |  | Car eWallet » speaking at MOVE America

Rodney Williams, Chief Commercial Officer, Lisnr

Rodney Williams |  | Lisnr » speaking at MOVE America

Steve Young, Vice President Of Technology And Innovation, VIA Metropolitan Transit

last published: 27/Jan/20 17:55 GMT

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