MOVE America Speakers | Tech, Data and Innovation

This will feature the latest in cutting-edge transport technology including data analytics, mapping, blockchain, V-2-X applications and much more. 

Saleem Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer, Zown

Saleem Ahmad |  | Zown » speaking at MOVE America

Safa Alkateb, Chief Executive Officer, iGo

Safa Alkateb |  | iGo » speaking at MOVE America

Thomas Andrae, Managing Partner, Linden Capital

Thomas Andrae |  | Linden Capital » speaking at MOVE America

Josh Berg, Director, Innovation Venture Development, Magna

Brenna Berman, Chief Executive Officer, City Tech Collaborative Chicago

Ashley Marie Cashion, Vice President, Usa And Head Of Automotive And Mobility, what3words

Burak Cendek, Principal, AutoTech Ventures

Burak Cendek |  | AutoTech Ventures » speaking at MOVE America

Jennifer Cohan, Secretary, Delaware Department of Transportation

Jennifer Cohan |  | Delaware Department of Transportation » speaking at MOVE America

Daniel Gipple, Founder, BetterPoints

Daniel Gipple |  | BetterPoints » speaking at MOVE America

Jenn Golech, Director, Swiftly

Amy Gu, Managing Partner, Hemi Ventures

Ro Gupta, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Carmera

Jennifer Haroon, Chief Operating Officer, Nauto

Chris Heiser, Chief Executive Officer, Renovo

Axel Hellman, Co-Founder And Head Of Transportation Planning, OurBus

Jason Jonmichael, Assistant Director Smart Mobility, City of Austin

Jeremy Kaufmann, Principal, Scale Venture Partners

Allie Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, The Ray

Evgeny Klochikhin, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Parkofon

Rick Kreifeldt, Executive Director, eSync Alliance

Rick Kreifeldt |  | eSync Alliance » speaking at MOVE America

Marie-France Laurin, Chief Development Officer, Netlift

Jessika Lora, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, CarForce

Christoffer Malm, Director, Digital Business And Mobility, Autoliv AB

Christoffer Malm |  | Autoliv AB » speaking at MOVE America

Mike Manchip, Chief Executive Officer, Anadue

Mike Manchip |  | Anadue » speaking at MOVE America

Amish Parashar, Partner And Co-Founder, Explorers Lab

Amish Parashar |  | Explorers Lab » speaking at MOVE America

Satyaki Raghunath, CSDO, Bangalore International Airport

Satyaki Raghunath |  | Bangalore International Airport » speaking at MOVE America

Alla Reddy, Deputy Chief, Data Research And Development, New York City Transit

Stefan Safko, Chief Executive Officer, Civil Maps

Stefan Safko |  | Civil Maps » speaking at MOVE America

Kara Selke, Vice President Of Commercial Development And Privacy, StreetLight Data

Kara Selke |  | StreetLight Data » speaking at MOVE America

Peter Servaas, President, DoubleMap Inc

Enzo Signore, Chief Product Officer, Quanergy

Lauren Skiver, Chief Executive Officer And General Manager, SunLine Transit Agency

Lauren Skiver |  | SunLine Transit Agency » speaking at MOVE America

Steve Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Rapid Flow

Steve Smith |  | Rapid Flow » speaking at MOVE America

Aaron Steiner, Director, Mobility Innovation, City of South Bend

Cecilia Sunnevång, Vice President Of Research, Autoliv AB

Cecilia Sunnevång |  | Autoliv AB » speaking at MOVE America

Tim Sylvester, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Roadways

Dean Weber, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Quantum AI

Dean Weber |  | Quantum AI » speaking at MOVE America

Kristin Welch, Venture Pipeline, Ford X, Ford Motor Company

Kristin Welch |  | Ford Motor Company » speaking at MOVE America

Janine Yoong, Chief Operating Officer, Mapillary

last published: 31/Mar/20 16:15 GMT

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