MOVE America Speakers | Micromobility & Ability

 Ridership is on the rise across bike sharing, scooters and LEVs. Hear how cycling and active mobility leaders are enhancing the experience of people of all abilities, through advanced design.

Liz Babson, Director, Charlotte Department of Transportation

Liz Babson |  | Charlotte Department of Transportation » speaking at MOVE America

Tim Blumenthal, President, People for Bikes Coalition

Tim Blumenthal |  | People for Bikes Coalition » speaking at MOVE America

Janet Carpman, Director Of Wayfinding, Institute for Human Centred Design

Janet Carpman |  | Institute for Human Centred Design » speaking at MOVE America

Anat Caspi, Director, Taskar Center For Accessible Technology, University of Washington

Anat Caspi |  | University of Washington » speaking at MOVE America

Marco Conner, Deputy Director, Transportation Alternatives

Marco Conner |  | Transportation Alternatives » speaking at MOVE America

Joseph Constanty, Director Of International, NIU Technologies

Joseph Constanty |  | NIU Technologies » speaking at MOVE America

Robert Cotter, Chief Executive Officer, Organic Transit Inc

Robert Cotter |  | Organic Transit Inc » speaking at MOVE America

Kelly Custer, Founder and Design Director, Knack

Marion Decaillet, Director Of Inclusive Transportation, Institute for Human Centred Design

Marion Decaillet |  | Institute for Human Centred Design » speaking at MOVE America

Brian Dewey, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Koloni

Brian Dewey |  | Koloni » speaking at MOVE America

Jeff Ericson, Chief Executive Officer, Ruby Ride

Jeff Ericson |  | Ruby Ride » speaking at MOVE America

Gary Fisher, Inventor Of The Modern Mountain Bike, Trek Bicycle

Gary Fisher |  | Trek Bicycle » speaking at MOVE America

Sean Flood, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Gotcha

Janet Gonzalez Tudor, Board Member, American Public Transportation Association

Janet Gonzalez Tudor |  | American Public Transportation Association » speaking at MOVE America

Dan Grossman, Member of the Board of Directors, Guident Ltd

Lisa Grubb, Chief Executive Officer, National Council On Disability

Lisa Grubb |  | National Council On Disability » speaking at MOVE America

Maurice Henderson, Director of Government Partnerships, Bird

Maurice Henderson |  | Bird » speaking at MOVE America

Valerie Lefler, Chief Executive Officer, Feonix - Mobility Rising

Jeff Maltz, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, SilverRide

Jeff Maltz |  | SilverRide » speaking at MOVE America

Kevin Mclaughlin, Chief Executive Officer, Zygg

Kevin Mclaughlin |  | Zygg » speaking at MOVE America

Fred Neal Jr, Commissioner, New Orleans Regional Transit Authority

Alex Nesic, Co-Founder And Chief Business Officer, CLEVR Mobility

Pekka Niskanen, Chief Operating Officer, Kyyti Group

Pekka Niskanen |  | Kyyti Group » speaking at MOVE America

Will Pong, President, Pong Robotics

Will Pong |  | Pong Robotics » speaking at MOVE America

John Q Doan, Founder And Executive Director, Mobility for All

Jeff Russakow, Chief Executive Officer, Boosted

Manuel Saez, Co-Founder, Brooklyness

Michael Singer, Executive Vice President Of Technology, Veyo

Michael Singer |  | Veyo » speaking at MOVE America

Max Smith, Chief Executive Officer, OjO Electric

Max Smith |  | OjO Electric » speaking at MOVE America

Jess Stetson, Head of Growth, Ride Report

Jess Stetson |  | Ride Report » speaking at MOVE America

Paul Suhey, COO, Revel

Avra Van Der Zee, General Counsel And Chief Strategy Officer, Jump Bikes

Avra Van Der Zee |  | Jump Bikes » speaking at MOVE America

Kate Wagoner, Urban Mobility Director, Passport Labs

Kate Wagoner |  | Passport Labs » speaking at MOVE America

Ema Yamamoto, Head Of Strategy, Ride Health

last published: 31/Mar/20 16:15 GMT

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