MOVE America Speakers | Energy & Charging

 Energy and Charging will focus on how to successfully shift to electricity and hydrogen, as well as numerous case studies detailing the surge of EV charging infrastructure around the world.

Richard Albrecht, Founder & CEO, Saascharge

Richard Albrecht |  | Saascharge » speaking at MOVE America

Jason Appelbaum, Chief Executive Officer, EverCharge

Jason Appelbaum |  | EverCharge » speaking at MOVE America

Michael Berube, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, United States Department of Energy

Michael Berube |  | United States Department of Energy » speaking at MOVE America

Jordan Catrine, EV Infrastructure and Global Autonomous Technology and Vehicle Execution, General Motors Inc

Jordan Catrine |  | General Motors Inc » speaking at MOVE America

Abdellah Cherkaoui, SVP - Government, Automotive & Utilities, Volta Charging

Zora Chung, Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer, ReJoule

Dominique Houde, Partner Mobility, Drake Star Partners

Heidi Hysell, CEO, Alpha Drive

Heidi Hysell |  | Alpha Drive » speaking at MOVE America

Dan Jacobson, State Director, Environment California

Dan Jacobson |  | Environment California » speaking at MOVE America

Kostyantyn Khomutov, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, GBatteries

Kostyantyn Khomutov |  | GBatteries » speaking at MOVE America

Smriti Mishra, Director of Business Development & Strategy, Weave Grid

Alex Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Market Transformation, LACI

Graeme Neill, Editor, Smart Cities World

Graeme Neill |  | Smart Cities World » speaking at MOVE America

Gregory Poilasne, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, NUVVE Corporation

Gregory Poilasne |  | NUVVE Corporation » speaking at MOVE America

Karl Popham, Manager, Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies, Austin Energy

Madison Rifkin, Chief Executive Officer, Mount Locks

Madison Rifkin |  | Mount Locks » speaking at MOVE America

Jerry Roane, Chief Executive Officer, TriTrack Motors

Todd Stein, Chief Executive Officer, Gestoos

Todd Stein |  | Gestoos » speaking at MOVE America
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