MOVE 2020 Speakers | City Freight

Spanning everything from electric trucks to cargo bikes, drones, delivery robots and route optimisation, this stream will showcase the latest tech designed to drastically reduce emissions and congestion. 

Asher Bennett, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Tevva Motors

Asher Bennett |  | Tevva Motors » speaking at MOVE America

Charlene Consolacion, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Biig Technologies Inc.

Siavosh Dana, Chief Executive Officer, Axleapp

Phill Davies, Co Founder, Magway

Phill Davies |  | Magway » speaking at MOVE America

Jessie Denver, Distributed Energy Resources Manager, East Bay Community Energy

Jessie Denver |  | East Bay Community Energy » speaking at MOVE America

Stuart Ginn, Medical Director, WakeMed Hospitals

Stuart Ginn |  | WakeMed Hospitals » speaking at MOVE America

Grant Goodale, Co-Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Convoy

Ram Gupta, Founder, Sun Run Motors

Ram Gupta |  | Sun Run Motors » speaking at MOVE America

Akshay Hattangdi, Director, Inventory Strategy, Pottery Barn

Akshay Hattangdi |  | Pottery Barn » speaking at MOVE America

Daniel Hilson, Founder, Evenergi and Electric Vehicle Council

Daniel Hilson |  | Evenergi and Electric Vehicle Council » speaking at MOVE America

Steve Hornyak, Cco, CommonSense Robotics

Steve Hornyak |  | CommonSense Robotics » speaking at MOVE America

Matthew Johnson-Roberson, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Refraction AI

Matthew Johnson-Roberson |  | Refraction AI » speaking at MOVE America

Apeksha Kumavat, Co-Founder And Chief Engineer, Gatik AI

Daniel Laury, Chief Executive Officer, Udelv

Andrea Learned, Climate Action Strategist And Influencer, Learned On

Ido Levy, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, SafeMode

Ido Levy |  | SafeMode » speaking at MOVE America

Ben Marcus, Co-Founder And Chairman, AirMap

Ben Marcus |  | AirMap » speaking at MOVE America

John Monarch, Chief Executive Officer, Ship Chain

John Monarch |  | Ship Chain » speaking at MOVE America

Gautam Narang, Chief Executive Officer, Gatik AI

Gautam Narang |  | Gatik AI » speaking at MOVE America

Hannan Parvizian, Founder, Volans-i

Svilen Rangelov, Chief Executive Officer, DRONAMICS

Svilen Rangelov |  | DRONAMICS » speaking at MOVE America

Andreas Raptopoulos, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Matternet Inc

Avinash Rugoobur, Chief Strategy Officer, Arrival

Dakota Semler, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, XOS Trucks

Dakota Semler |  | XOS Trucks » speaking at MOVE America

Stephen Smyth, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Coord

Stephen Smyth |  | Coord » speaking at MOVE America

Sebastian Steinhauser, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Parcelly

Ian Sweeney, General Manager, Mobility, Trov

Josh Switkes, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Peloton Technologies

Josh Switkes |  | Peloton Technologies » speaking at MOVE America

Michaela Wallin, Head Of Logistics North America, H&M

Michaela Wallin |  | H&M » speaking at MOVE America

Kevin Wasik, Senior Manager, UPS

Kevin Wasik |  | UPS » speaking at MOVE America

Basil Yap, Uas Program Manager, North Carolina Department of Transportation

last published: 31/Mar/20 16:15 GMT

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