Raphael Gindrat | CEO & Founder

Raphael Gindrat, CEO & Founder, Bestmile

Raphaël is a cofounder of Bestmile and as CEO he is the executive leader of the company’s business and technical teams. He is a pioneer in the world of autonomous mobility, having led a project with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne with cofounder Anne Mellano to test and operate some of the first autonomous vehicle projects in Europe, after which organizers of autonomous mobility projects from throughout the world requested their expertise in defining and managing autonomous mo-bility trials. In addition to founding and leading Bestmile, Raphaël speaks throughout the world on new mobility services, advocating for an open technology ecosystem to enable to new mobility services to deliver on the promise of safe, affordable, efficient travel for all. He is active in many global industry organizations including the World Economic Forum’s Tech Pioneers and the Forbes Technology Council, and he writes for the Axios news Autonomous Vehicle Voices. Raphaël earned a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Management from the EPFL.


Day 1 @ 15:10

Case study panel: Deploying autonomous shuttles in the US

last published: 02/Sep/20 21:56 GMT

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