MOVE America Speakers | Tech, Data and Innovation

This will feature the latest in cutting-edge transport technology including data analytics, mapping, blockchain, V-2-X applications and much more. 

Safa Alkateb, Chief Executive Officer, iGo

Safa Alkateb |  | iGo » speaking at MOVE America

Pernilla Arnell, Digital Business Sales Director, Autoliv

Pernilla Arnell |  | Autoliv » speaking at MOVE America

Najamuddin Baig, Head AI & Mobility Services Innovation Labs Silicon Valley, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance

Najamuddin Baig |  | Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance » speaking at MOVE America

Josh Berg, Director, Innovation Venture Development, Magna

Tarik Bolat, Chief Executive Officer, WaveSense

Tarik Bolat |  | WaveSense » speaking at MOVE America

Kevin Bullock, Business Development Director, Maxar

Kevin Bullock |  | Maxar » speaking at MOVE America

Burak Cendek, Principal, AutoTech Ventures

Lucette Demets, Head Of Urban, London & Partners

Lucette Demets |  | London & Partners » speaking at MOVE America

Jade Ebenezer, Micromobility Expert & Evangelist

Stephen Feline, Vice President, US East Coast, London & Partners

Stephen Feline |  | London & Partners » speaking at MOVE America

Sofia Granath, Vice President Strategy, Product Management & Partnership, WirelessCar

Sofia Granath |  | WirelessCar » speaking at MOVE America

Chris Heiser, Chief Executive Officer, Renovo

Jeremy Kaufmann, Principal, Scale Venture Partners

Allie Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, The Ray

Christoffer Malm, Director, Digital Business & Mobility, Autoliv AB

Christoffer Malm |  | Autoliv AB » speaking at MOVE America

Amish Parashar, Partner And Co-Founder, Explorers Lab

Amish Parashar |  | Explorers Lab » speaking at MOVE America

Carlton Reid, Transport Contributor, Forbes

Carlton Reid |  | Forbes » speaking at MOVE America

Stefan Safko, Chief Executive Officer, Civil Maps

Stefan Safko |  | Civil Maps » speaking at MOVE America

Enzo Signore, Chief Product Officer, Quanergy

Cecilia Sunnevång, Vice President Of Research, Autoliv AB

Cecilia Sunnevång |  | Autoliv AB » speaking at MOVE America

Firas Suqi, Manager Advanced Mobility Initiative & Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab, City Tech Collaborative Chicago

Firas Suqi |  | City Tech Collaborative Chicago » speaking at MOVE America

Tim Sylvester, President, Integrated Roadways

Ben Volkow, Chief Executive Officer, Otonomo

Ben Volkow |  | Otonomo » speaking at MOVE America

Dean Weber, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Quantum AI

Dean Weber |  | Quantum AI » speaking at MOVE America
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