MOVE America Speakers | Keynotes

Our keynotes are true leaders in urban mobility. They're the figureheads for change: true visionaries.

They're the brave new face of urban transport and in May, they'll be presenting their vision on the keynote stage. These are the people changing the way the world moves.

Sergio Acevedo, Account Director, Launch Mobility

Pernilla Arnell, Digital Business Sales Director, Autoliv

Pernilla Arnell |  | Autoliv » speaking at MOVE America

Stephan Belloni, Director of Presales and Product Strategy, Vulog

Stephan Belloni |  | Vulog » speaking at MOVE America

Vik Bhide, Director of Mobility Department, City of Tampa

Vik Bhide |  | City of Tampa » speaking at MOVE America

Lynn Blake, Vice President, Mobility, PSA Group

Carlos Blanco, CEO, WiBLE

Carsten Breitfeld, Chief Executive Officer, Faraday Future

Matt Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer, Dealerware

Robin Chase, Executive Chairman & Former Chief Executive Officer, Zipcar, Veniam

Jordan Coleman, VP Policy & General Counsel, Kodiak Robotics

Uli Gal-Oz, VP of Business Development, Moovit

Uli Gal-Oz |  | Moovit » speaking at MOVE America

Philip George, Director - Innovation, Schaeffler Paravan Technologies

Venkatesh Gopal, Business Development and Partnerships Manager, Movmi

Venkatesh Gopal |  | Movmi » speaking at MOVE America

Andrew Grant, Intelligent Mobility Associate, BloombergNEF

Andrew Grant |  | BloombergNEF » speaking at MOVE America

Dan Grossman, Member of the Board of Directors, Guident Ltd

Alex Gruzen, Chief Executive Officer, WiTricity

Paul Hirsch, Chief Executive Officer, Launch Mobility

Enrico Howe, Sharing Research Lead, unu

Enrico Howe |  | unu » speaking at MOVE America

Carol Kuester, Dir. Regional Transportation Tech Programs, Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Carol Kuester |  | Metropolitan Transportation Commission » speaking at MOVE America

Ryan Larsen, Senior Vice President, Ecolane

Crystal Lassiter, Senior Director, Global Sustainability & Environmental Affairs, UPS

Crystal Lassiter |  | UPS » speaking at MOVE America

Pierre Lefevre, CTO and Board Member, Coast Autonomous

Pierre Lefevre |  | Coast Autonomous » speaking at MOVE America

Noel Marshall, Engineering Director, Schaeffler Paravan Technologies

Josh Moskowitz, Chief Operating Officer, Shift Transit

Pierre Olivier, Chief Technology Officer, LeddarTech Inc

Pierre Olivier |  | LeddarTech Inc » speaking at MOVE America

Samyak Pandya, VP of Business Operations and Finance, Ridecell

Sandra Phillips, Founder & CEO, Movmi

Chuck Price, Chief Product Officer, TuSimple

Chuck Price |  | TuSimple » speaking at MOVE America

Ben Prochazka, National Director, Electrification Coalition

Alvaro Ramis, Advisor to the Board, Bestmile

Kate Roberts, Former Head of Operations, Chariot

Kate Roberts |  | Chariot » speaking at MOVE America

Jason Roycht, VP Technology Development & Strategy, Nikola Motor

Jason Roycht |  | Nikola Motor » speaking at MOVE America

Avinash Rugoobur, President & CSO, Arrival

Frantz Saintellemy, President & Chief Operating Officer, LeddarTech Inc

Boris Shulkin, Senior VP Technology & Strategy, Magna

Erin Skimson, VP Product, Miovision Technologies

Chris Snyder, SVP Expansion & CEO ViaVan, VIA

Chris Snyder |  | VIA » speaking at MOVE America

Mick Spiers, VP & General Manager, Cubic Transportaiton Systems

Mick Spiers |  | Cubic Transportaiton Systems » speaking at MOVE America

Ian Sweeney, SVP & General Manager, Mobility, Trov

Alexa Tang, Product Marketing, Shared Mobility Solutions, Arity

Ryan Tuohy, Senior Vice President, Starship Technologies

Ryan Tuohy |  | Starship Technologies » speaking at MOVE America

Lawrence Ulrich, The Drive

Lawrence Ulrich |  | The Drive » speaking at MOVE America
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