Yoonhye Choi | Senior Manager

Yoonhye Choi, Senior Manager, Gridwiz

About Yoonhye Choi

Ms. Yoonhye Choi is a Senior Manager at Gridwiz, a leading clean energy startup based in South Korea. As a member of the Strategy Planning Team, she has extensive experience in developing new business strategies utilizing distributed energy resources including e-mobility, demand response, energy storage, and renewable energy.

Prior to joining Gridwiz, Ms.Choi was a Senior Consultant at the Climate Change & Sustainability division of KPMG Korea. She holds a Master’s Degree in international cooperation from Yonsei University and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Sungkyunkwan University.

About Gridwiz

Gridwiz is an energy startup based in South Korea that provides clean energy solutions by integrating GW-scaled DERs: DR, energy storage, renewable energy, and e-mobility. Under the slogan "Heal the Earth," we deliver clean and sustainable energy solutions to 850+ customers to maximize their benefits and contribute to making the world a better place.

At Gridwiz, we develop and provide innovative e-mobility solutions to enable us to provide values beyond a simple charging service to our customers.

Skyblue, Asia’s first commercial Vehicle-Grid-Integration (VGI) service, lets EV drivers participate in the energy market with their vehicles to save energy costs and provide flexibility to the grid.

Our hardware lineup includes Dotori & DoEV (V2G chargers), and Applemint & Peppermint (modems for CCS-based EV & EV chargers) that are key to utilizing EVs as valuable energy resources.


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