Xueliang Liu | General Manager, BYD Asia-Pacific Auto Sales Division

Xueliang Liu, General Manager, BYD Asia-Pacific Auto Sales Division, BYD

Liu Xueliang

  • BYD Asia Pacific Auto Sales Division General Manager
  • BYD Japan President
  • Responsible for the long-term development strategy and overall affairs of BYD in the Asia Pacific region
Liu Xueliang, male, Han nationality, born in March 1972, a native of Yingkou, Liaoning Province, settled in Japan from April 1991 to the present.

In 1997:
  • Graduated from Tokyo International University, Japan, with a Bachelor's degree in International Economics and Trade.
In 2004:
  • Joined BYD as the General Representative of BYD in Japan.
In 2005:
  • BYD Japan was established, and he became the president of BYD Japan.
In 2012:
  • BYD Asia Pacific Automotive Sales Division was established as General Manager of BYD Asia Pacific Automotive Sales Division.
  • The pioneer of BYD's flourishing development in Asia Pacific. Within a few years, he has set up branches and production bases in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and India, bringing BYD's self-developed and manufactured pure electric buses & forklifts & trucks&passenger vehicle to various markets in the Asia-Pacific region, driving new records in the energy vehicle industry in many markets.
In February 2015:
  • BYD became the first Chinese automotive brand to successfully enter the Japanese market.
In July 2022:
  • Liu Xueliang represented BYD to officially announce the entry of BYD passenger vehicles into the Japanese market in Tokyo, Japan.


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