Sunny Wijewardana | Head of Product, Geo Content

Sunny Wijewardana, Head of Product, Geo Content, Grab

Sunny Wijewardana is an engineer, technologist, and founder with a strong passion for product management, accumulating over 2 decades of experience in Product Management. He leads the Geo team for Grab as Head of Product, Geo Content, and plays a pivotal role in GrabMaps’ B2B initiatives. Since the beginning of his career, Sunny has been at the forefront of mobile and location technology working for companies such as Telstra, Nokia, and HERE Technologies. His passion product Today, Sunny leads the product teams dedicated to creating the best maps for emerging markets of Southeast Asia, pioneering innovations in highly automated map production.


Day One - Mobility Live Asia 2023 @ 09:50

PLENARY KEYNOTE PANEL: Driving Forward: Navigating Mobility Landscape in Asia

last published: 22/Sep/23 12:55 GMT

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