Son Nguyen | Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dat Bike

Son Nguyen, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Dat Bike

Born and raised in Vietnam, Son Nguyen was interested in software engineering early on; in high school, he was one of a few selected students to compete in national and international Computer Science competitions. After high school, Son left Vietnam to pursue his Bachelor and Master Degrees in Computer Science from University of Illinois.

With a strong technical foundation and engineering interests, Son kick-started his career as an engineer at some of the top companies in Silicon Valley, including Microsoft. Surrounded by early tech-adopters, especially when it comes to electric cars (think Tesla), Son was inspired to mirror the technological solution to solve a large existing problem in Vietnam. 

Digging deeper, Son realized that all incumbent electric bikes have low power (only ⅓ vs. gas) and short range (50km). Most of them were made for the China market where bikes are smaller and meant to carry a single person on short distances.

Witnessing the increasing adoption rate of electric vehicles in both the U.S. and Europe, Son is optimistic about a similar future adoption trend for Vietnam and Southeast Asia, where more than 200M people commute with gas bikes daily. 

Having seen no existing solution in the market that entices consumers to make the switch, Son decided to move back to Vietnam and build an electric bike from scratch that not only goes faster than a gas bike but also allows users to travel the whole week without a recharge. 

About Dat Bike

Dat Bike is a Vietnamese startup with ambitions to become the top electric motorbike company in Southeast Asia.

The company’s mission is to convert all gasoline-powered motorbikes in Vietnam and SEA to electric. In fact, not everything on the current electric offerings is the same as what people are used to on their gas bikes. It is Dat Bike’s job to reduce this gap.

Dat Bike is implementing a vertical integration system to make things better, cheaper and faster. One of the major reasons why it's hard to make high performance electrics is because the industry relies on third-party, imported electric drivetrain and parts. With this system, Dat Bike achieved the lowest cost vs performance ratio in the industry.

On the other hand, there is something that could propel Dat Bike even further, surpassing all bike manufacturers out there: better experience. It’s 2023 and no one buys just physical products anymore. People are buying the experience of owning and using the product. 

As the name suggests, Dat Bike’s newest bike Weaver++ provides 200km of range, and power of 7kW. The bike is also equipped with a fast charging feature so the first 100km can be charged in just 20 minutes at Dat Charge, with the total charge time being 3 hours in regular electric socket.


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