Sam Loke | Managing Director, Thailand
DSV - Global Transport and Logistics

Sam Loke, Managing Director, Thailand, DSV - Global Transport and Logistics

Sam Loke is the Managing Director, Thailand at DSV - Global Transport and Logistics. With a keen focus on operational excellence, he efficiently manages Thailand's operations, overseeing profit and cash flow in alignment with organizational goals. Sam's leadership is highlighted by his adeptness in devising KPIs and cost controls to ensure continuous enhancement and streamlined operations. Recognized for his strategic acumen, Sam proactively adapts to market dynamics and guides the achievement of business objectives. His robust skills in logistics solutioning, operations, eCommerce, and last-mile fulfillment bolster project implementations while maintaining customer satisfaction. Sam excels in fostering human capital development, optimizing costs, and liaising with government bodies, contributing to DSV's success in the logistics landscape.


Day One - Mobility Live Asia 2023 @ 12:10

LOGISTICS LEADERS’ PANEL: Electric Fleets and Beyond: Unleashing the Full Potential of Smart Mobility

last published: 22/Sep/23 12:55 GMT

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