Iwan Suryaputra | Chief Executive Officer

Iwan Suryaputra, Chief Executive Officer, Volta

Iwan Suryaputra is a seasoned professional with two decades of invaluable experience in the IT industry. His visionary leadership has culminated in the successful establishment of three pioneering startup ventures focused on mobile content, IT services, and GPS-related products. Iwan's journey began at Taruma Negara University, where he earned a degree in Accounting in 1985.

Iwan currently holds influential roles in several prominent companies. He serves as the Commissioner of PT. Energi Selalu Baru since September 2021, bringing his strategic insights to the forefront. Additionally, he holds directorial positions in three cutting-edge enterprises: PT. Volta Indonesia Semesta since May 2021, PT. Gowes Teknologi Indonesia since June 2018, and PT. Surya Teknologi Perkasa since June 2016. His commitment and expertise continue to drive these companies towards innovation and excellence. Iwan's profound impact on the IT sector and his commitment to fostering ground-breaking advancements make him a true leader in the field.


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