Beng Keat (BK) Phuah | Market Director, Southeast Asia & Japan
Volvo Trucks

Beng Keat (BK) Phuah, Market Director, Southeast Asia & Japan, Volvo Trucks

Beng Keat (BK) Phuah is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the automotive industry. Holding an MBA with dual majors in Supply Chain and Operations Management, as well as Finance, from SUNY Buffalo, he has excelled in various roles throughout his career. 

Notably, BK served as Head of Sales and Product Truck for MAN Asia Pacific and later Market Management for lDaimler Commercial Vehicles, achieving significant successes in developing the truck business in the Asia Pacific region. 

Currently, in the role of Market Management with Volvo Trucks, he makes valuable contributions to the company while managing a comprehensive product portfolio. 

BK's adaptability and enthusiasm for learning have been crucial in navigating new challenges. He welcomes networking opportunities to discuss emerging automotive trends and truck applications, as well as his passion for photography.


Day One - Mobility Live Asia 2023 @ 12:10

LOGISTICS LEADERS’ PANEL: Electric Fleets and Beyond: Unleashing the Full Potential of Smart Mobility

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