Geveko Markings Malaysia


Geveko Markings is a global road markings company 

We manufacture and supply the full range of materials for road markings and decorative horizontal applications. 

Our markings safeguard communities and guide people to their destination and they transform surfaces into beautiful, colourful and playful environments. Building on our experience and deep knowledge of the road markings industry, it is our continued mission to make high-quality materials that guides, inspires and protects people all over the world. 

At Geveko Markings, we are specialists in a narrow niche the importance of which not many people will notice. But we pride ourselves in what we do. We work hard every day to help improve the flow of the world in a time where the infrastructure is under immense pressure. We believe that our innovative products, solutions and expertise can make a huge difference in terms of easing the movement and in a crowded world. 


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