Ching Yuang Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Yuang Light is a series of portable LED lights suited to a wide range of industrial, construction and outdoor uses. Our comprehensive lighting systems have been developed for ease of use and maximum portability, and our LED technology ensures that our lights are bright enough for any application and have long life spans while at the same time minimizing power consumption. Yuang Light offers several high-quality light devices suitable for deployment in a variety of situations. We have been known for providing lights for outdoor operations such as construction and natural disaster relief. We have been exporting and trading around the world for over 15 years. Our distributor channels are located in Thailand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc. Our products are mainly sold to the public construction and industrial markets. Customers have very high requirements for quality and after-sales service. Yuang Light believes that your success is our success, and so we are always striving to design the best product for the problem at hand. 


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