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Magotteaux soon celebrating our 100 years of foundry activity serving Mining, Cement and Power plants,
Magotteaux has played a leading role in the development of Grinding Media and Chromium Metallurgy.
Magotteaux was indeed the first in the industry to discover and introduce Cr Carbides as main component
of the wear resistant castings alloys and grinding balls we have been developing for years and still
improve today.
With over 700.000 mt of worldwide capacity, Magotteaux has achieved and consolidated a
successful track record to serve numerous different customers across the globe and provide wide range
of alloys specifically adapted to each and every running conditions; our goal is to guide you to make the
most adapted choice in answer to your own process.
The choice of the most favorable grinding Media including the right alloy properties (wear and
impact resistance, mostly), the original ball charge distribution (studied and advised by Magotteaux), has
a direct and clear impact on your grinding efficiency and will profitably help you to reduce your global
milling expenses.
Innovative manufacturing and alloy researches has clearly allowed Magotteaux for many years
to be a Market Leading Partner in Volumes, Quality and Development, for all wear resisting product
applications in the Cement plants.
Our knowledge applies where impact & wear resistance, corrosion, energy savings and process
improvements are required; our team of experts, experienced Account Managers and Process Engineers
are there to assist you, visit and follow your installations to conclude together what the most adapted
choice would be for you.


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