Lehlogonolo Moseri | Director
Mosa Green Consulting | South Africa

Lehlogonolo Moseri, Director, Mosa Green Consulting

Lehlogonolo is the Founding Director of Mosa Green Consulting, an organization that addresses and provides strategic sustainable solutions on Environmental Management and Social Impact Management services. She has lead various Mining, infrastructure, renewable energy and development projects within the African Continent, in government and private sector.
Lehlogonolo is a qualified scientist with two degrees in Chemistry and Environmental management. She has acquired twelve years of working experience in the mining sector from her first job as a Graduate chemist, growing and moving through various technical roles, and then now into her current role as a Founding director of a sustainable solutions company. She advocates for industry issues with a focus on sustainability and socio-economic matters for both the community and the workforce, more especially now in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, because she knows that the mining industry still holds the power to take the key role for a more sustainable and economic planet. She believes that industry can move from (and is moving) to just complying with sustainability regulations to taking a proactive, and ultimately ensuring a sustainable industry that thrives through both economic and social cycles, making a positive contribution to socio-economic development while reducing environmental footprint.


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