Jon Starink | Managing Director And Chief Executive Officer
Oryx Management Limited | Jersey

Jon Starink, Managing Director And Chief Executive Officer, Oryx Management Limited

Mr Starink has over 40 years of experience in the Mining Industry, providing engineering and process design consultancy and corporate finance advisory services to international companies. He is presently serving as the CEO and Managing Director of project financier Oryx Management Limited and as Managing Director of technical consultancy Mining Management Services Pty Ltd. He is also Chairman of biotechnology company Niwalen Limited.

His corporate experience encompasses, inter alia, board level corporate governance of ASX, TSX and AIM listed companies; executive corporate management and administration; corporate finance & strategic business development; technical and financial project audit & evaluation; introductions to capital markets and investment risk management.

His practical and operational experience includes engineering and process design and process audit; project management; exploration management; extractive metallurgical process innovation & development. His extractive metallurgical expertize encompasses lithium, precious metals, tin rare metals (tantalum & niobium), base metals (copper, nickel & manganese), the ‘rare earths and uranium & thorium as well as industrial minerals including spodumene, feldspar and industrial clays.

He has provided corporate finance advisory services focussing on corporate finance; corporate development strategy; mergers & acquisitions and asset disposals; technical & financial audit/ project evaluation; product appraisal & commodity market analyses; and strategic & corporate advice generally. He served for five years as a consultant to SBC Warburg’s Corporate Finance Department International Mining Team (Melbourne).


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Alternative financing for mining projects: looking to a new financing future

Mining Show day 1 @ 14:20

Lithium raw material sources: exploring technical differences, emerging technologies, impact on supply and demand, product quality and demand drivers

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