Free Demonstration Agenda

Middle East Rail will host free to attend demonstrations on the exhibition show floor.

Day 2 - Tuesday, 13 March 2018 



Time Infrastructure Theatre Connectivity Theatre
Company:  Multitel 
Title: Added-value of the independent accredited laboratory Multitel, demonstration through Multitel- System Integration Laboratory (M-SILAB) and its maintenance tools.
Company:  Escorts Limited – Railway Equipment Division
Title: Air Brake System
Company: IDOM Consulting, Engineering and Architecture
Title:  LOCALIZA: Real Time Management System for Freight and Passengers Railways Operations
Company:  Linsinger 
Title: State of the art rail reprofiling technology
Company:  Telexis  
Title: How to accommodate the current and the future operators’ requirements
Company:  Flakt Woods
Title:   How Twin Fan Impellers are Driving Improved Performance
Company: RATP Dev
Title: Transport infrastructure as an opportunity for innovative development and finance 
Company:  Concrete Canvas
Title:  GCCM’s for Slope Protection In Transport Infrastructure 
Company: CallNow Rail
Title: Emergency Calls Dispatching
Company:  Lindapter International
Title: Technical innovations in steel work connections
Project Update
Title: Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd.
Company: Bakerbellfield
Title:  Rolling Stock Interiors
Company: Transport for London
Title: Infrastructure Track renewal for oldest Underground railway of the World - A London Underground's case study
Company: Ashurst
Title:  The GCC Rail Market - full steam ahead
Company:  Loram
Title: Rail Grinding 101: Why we grind
Company: FOGTEC Fire Protection
Title: Upcoming challenges by new energy carriers and innovative fire protection solutions
13:30 Company: Randack Fasteners India  
Company:  GERB Vibration Control Systems
Title: Railway Induced Vibrations and Mitigation Measures
Company:  Avenir Technologies 
Title:  POWERVE: Portable Weigher for Railway Vehicle an Innovative Measuring Instrument


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