26 – 27 February 2019 | Dubai



Day One – Rail theatre  

Tuesday 26th Feb 2019 


TOD’s – future of the station

11:00   Company: AREP
Title: Communicating the Benefits of TOD’s
11:20 Company:
Title: Evaluation of travel behavior in TOD’s
11:40 Company:
Title: Transit-Oriented Development – The return on investment
12:00 Company:
Title: When is a TOD not a TOD

Spotlight on India

12:20    Company:
Title: Building an optimised high-speed travel network in India
12:40  Company:
Title: Establishing a dedicated freight corridor for the next major logistics market
13:00   Company: Evaluating project proceedings for NRP-2030 in accordance with regulation and standards
Title: How British expertise will help shape the region’s industry
13:20 Company:
Title: Urban rail transit in India

China’s growing footprint

13:40   Company: CREC
Title: How are Chinese powerhouses transforming the region
14:00 Company:
Title: China's appetite for Middle Eastern energy
14:20 Company:
Title: China in the Middle East: The Saudi Factor
Title: Chinese-built Mecca Light Railway

Project update: Etihad Rail

14:00   Company:
Title: Assessing the impact on GCC economies
14:20 Company:
Title: Anticipating stage three: extending the Dubai network and connecting the northern regions. Is it on track?
14:40 Company:
Title: Accommodating the projected 16 million users
15:00 Company:
Title: Connecting to the Gulf ports of Khalifa and Jebel Ali, and to the Saudi and Omani borders

Smart rail solutions

15:20   Company:
Title: Latest mobile technologies for project delivery, progress monitoring, QA and T&C
15:40 Company:
Title: Smart railway stations
16:00 Company:
Title: Intelligent monitoring & control
Title: Automation & protection

Day Two – Rail theatre 

Wednesday 27th Feb 2019 


The Cloud and IoT

11:00   Company:
Title: Feasibility and applications
11:20 Company:
Title: A review on industrial IoT-connected railways
11:40 Company:
Title: Digital services for the modern-day operator
12:00 Company:
Title: How the cloud keeps train commuters safe and connected

Expo 2020 and Dubai

12:20   Company:
Title: Are preparations for Expo 2020 Dubai well on track
12:40 Company:
Title: Master plan for Dubai Expo 2020
13:00 Company:
Title: Planning an exceptional expo
13:20 Company:
Title: Dubai Route 2020 - Metro Red Line extension to the Expo 2020 site

New era for ticketing

13:40   Company: Visa
Title: Evaluating the role of payment and ticketing systems in digital traveller habits
14:00 Company:
Title: Moving away from traditional ticketing norms and facilitating the future of smart ticketing
14:20 Company:
Title: Which smart ticketing technology offers the best revenue protection?
14:40 Company:
Title: Integrating ticketing tech: increasing ease, access and revenue

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