26 – 27 February 2019 | Dubai



Day One – Infrastructure theatre 

Tuesday 26th Feb 2019 


Design and delivery

11:00   Company: Aurecon
Title: Rail systems infrastructure design & construction
11:20 Company: Mott Macdonald
Title: Designing the future of the railways
11:40 Company: AREP
Title: An accelerated and advanced TOD model
12:00 Company:
Title: Challenges in the design & construction of region’s rail network

The mega projects of the future

12:20   Company: CREC
Title: Innovation for the future - Better delivery of mega projects
12:40 Company: Alstom
Title: Full speed ahead for GCC's metro projects
13:00 Company: Network Rail consulting
Title: How British expertise will help shape the region’s industry
13:20 Company:
Title: Future of Rail 2050

The Saudi vision: reaching 2030

13:40   Company: Talgo
Title: Revolutionising and connecting the country’s cities
14:00 Company: Greenbrier
Title: Establishing ultimate railway connectivity and impact on reaching vision 2030 and national economy diversification
14:20 Company:
Title: Saudi Arabia's mega projects shaping a bright future for all
Title: Enhancing the following sectors with extended connectivity
  • religious travel and tourism
  • mining

The digital era

14:00   Company: eSolutions
Title: A modernised and digitally secured network:
14:20 Company: Global Display Solutions
Title: Evaluating developments and trends and impact on digital transportation demands
14:40 Company:
Title: Digitalising and optimising asset management
15:00   Company:
Title: Going digital – from planning to performance

Smart rail solutions

15:20   Company: Pandrol
Title: Smart, upgraded rail solutions
15:40 Company: Getzner
Title: Utilizing smart solutions for the modern-day rail system
16:00 Company: Linsinger
Title: State of the art rail reprofiling technology
16:20 Company: Trackmobile
Title: Smart railcar movers

Day Two – Infrastructure theatre 

Wednesday 27th Feb 2019 


21st century rolling stock

11:00   Company: Lucchini
Title: Innovative changes for rolling stock
11:20 Company: Trinity Rail
Title: The use of smart rolling stock
11:40 Company: Bonatrans
Title: Innovation in wheelset solutions
12:00 Company: SKF
Title: How to ensure longevity in your asse

Sustainable rail

12:20   Company: Pliteq
Title: Sustainable rail engineering
12:40 Company:
Title: Solutions for railways and train station facilities
13:00 Company:
Title: Delivering a sustainable railway: a long-term strategy for the region
13:20 Company:
Title: Sustainable freight transport in testing conditions

Spot light session: Egypt

13:40   Company:
Title: Updating existing infrastructure to accommodate modernisation
14:00 Company:
Title: Investing in digital telecommunications and communication
14:20 Company:
Title: Cairo Metro: Extending its legacy
14:40 Company:
Title: Improving the network and safety levels, for increasing speeds and doubling traffic

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