Shadi Kandil | Founder

Shadi Kandil, Founder,

Graduated from the Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University in 2008 and began his career as a Web Developer & UI Designer, then he worked in Social Media and Digital Marketing.
In less than 6 years on the start of his professional career, he was appointed to lead the Online Branding and Digital Business Development for Awakening Records in Europe and the USA.
He founded early 2017 that was selected as one of the final startups at Tourism Futurism Competition during GITEX Future Stars.
He is leading now the Search Engine and App Store Optimization for Carrefour Middle East E-commerce Websites.


Marketing & Sales Show day 2 @ 15:00

WORKSHOP: Social advertising 101: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and more

If you are nervous to spend money on ads because you don’t want to just give it away without a guarantee of making any sales, or you’ve only “boosted” posts and you aren’t really sure what you are getting for that, then join this 90 min crash-course on social media ads. This workshop will teach you how to extend your reach by taking advantage of Facebook ads, how to reduce effort and create only one ad that will be visible on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger on mobile and desktop.
last published: 24/Jun/19 05:05 GMT

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