Craig Fernandes | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer

Craig Fernandes, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, LOCK&STOCK

Craig is born and brought up in Dubai, having studied at Dubai Scholars in Ghusais and then Saint Mary's in Oud Metha. At 14, he founded his first company, Craig and Savio’s Football Tournaments, and dipped his toes into the world of entrepreneurialism and risk taking. He would later follow this with another sports related venture called Football on Wheels at the age of 18, making Craig a two-time entrepreneur before he had even completed being a teenager.   

At 17, Craig moved to the United States of America to complete his education at the University of Iowa. Diversification has always been central to Craig’s view on life, and that’s why when he graduated from Iowa at 20, the young man had earned himself a Bachelor's of Science in Economics, and minors in Political Science, International Relations, Mass Communication and Business Administration.

After returning to Dubai despite numerous job offers from companies in the United States, Craig, just a month short of his 20th birthday, co-founded Lock&Stock with his father and mentor. 

Craig is an avid sports fanatic, his favourite teams being Real Madrid, the Mumbai Indians and the Dallas Cowboys. When not busy with work, Craig loves to read and some of his favourite authors are Robert Kiyosaki and Richard Branson.


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