William Graves | Chief Engineer And Product Manager Biometrics
DoD | United States

William Graves, Chief Engineer And Product Manager Biometrics, DoD

Will Graves has been responsible since 2013 for the management of the full life-cycle development of Identity Management IT projects for the US Department of Defense’s Program Manager for Biometrics Chief Engineer, including the Department’s next generation identity management system. He is an expert on biometric technologies, international standards and product improvement based on emerging technologies. From 2009 to 2013, Will was Chief Engineer of the US-VISIT program, the first biometric border program in the world, where he was responsible for technical guidance on identity screening projects, the development of numerous international and domestic information technology standards used today, and an active member of the White House subcommittee on biometrics and identity management. In 2018, Will was recognized as one of the top 100 leaders in the US government and was chosen as a 2019 recipient of the top five US Army employees.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 3 @ 15:30

The next generation US DoD ABIS: Improving identity management and information and watch list sharing with partner nations

The US Department of Defense has prioritized identity information sharing with partner nations. However, before sharing can take place, the identity management capabilities must be in place, and standards and policies for interoperability met. Leading the way for improved information and watch list sharing is the next generation identity management architecture approved by DoD's PM Biometrics office. To help assure improved information sharing, a key element is that the underlying architecture of an identity management system must be constructed in a manner conducive to the highest assurance possible that disparate identity data is creating an accurate "identity," especially when that identity is used proactively to establish a security risk or access to government services.
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