Vera Ishani | Data Governance and Compliance Manager
Marks and Spencer Group Plc | United Kingdom

Vera Ishani, Data Governance and Compliance Manager, Marks and Spencer Group Plc

Vera holds a recent Master’s degree (Distinction) in Management of Business Information Technology – with a strong focus on data privacy/protection, standards and regulations. (University of Greenwich).
Her studies, combined with over 25 years of experience of working with data in the IT, QA, biometrics, and governance fields have fuelled, a strong interest in the future relationship between data privacy regulations and the advance of emerging technology.
Vera began her career as a mainframe Analyst/Programmer (1980s!) working for financial institutions such as Lloyds of London, Allied Dunbar (Zurich), Eagle Star & RBOS.
She established her biometrics & data experience working in various public sector projects, including UKBA (fingerprint & Iris recognition, e-Passport); IPS (pilot UK ID card project); NPIA - (Police facial-recognition & DNA databases projects)
More recently Vera’s roles as DPO, Onboarding Officer, ISO Co-ordinator, and Data Governance & Compliance Manager have focused on data – its security, management and protection. 
Vera also acts as non-exec regulatory advisor to Omnia DeFi a Createlinx Ltd fintech/blockchain start-up. 
Favourite past-time - long quiet walks her Labrador.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 1 @ 15:00

Panel: The Privacy Landscape - Next Year, 10 Years on and on the Horizon

With GDPR setting the framework for privacy, what are ecosystems across the world doing to ensure legislation is interoperable but still suits local needs in the context of identity, and what steps need to be taken to be globally compliant in an ever-evolving landscape?
last published: 05/Mar/20 10:45 GMT
last published: 05/Mar/20 10:45 GMT
last published: 05/Mar/20 10:45 GMT

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