Vera Ishani | Data Governance and Compliance Manager
Marks and Spencer Group Plc | United Kingdom

Vera Ishani, Data Governance and Compliance Manager, Marks and Spencer Group Plc

Vera holds a recent Master’s degree (Distinction) in Management of Business Information Technology – with a strong focus on data privacy/protection, standards and regulations. (University of Greenwich).
Her studies, combined with over 25 years of experience of working with data in the IT, QA, biometrics, and governance fields have fuelled, a strong interest in the future relationship between data privacy regulations and the advance of emerging technology.
Vera began her career as a mainframe Analyst/Programmer (1980s!) working for financial institutions such as Lloyds of London, Allied Dunbar (Zurich), Eagle Star & RBOS.
She established her biometrics & data experience working in various public sector projects, including UKBA (fingerprint & Iris recognition, e-Passport); IPS (pilot UK ID card project); NPIA - (Police facial-recognition & DNA databases projects)
More recently Vera’s roles as DPO, Onboarding Officer, ISO Co-ordinator, and Data Governance & Compliance Manager have focused on data – its security, management and protection. 
Vera also acts as non-exec regulatory advisor to Omnia DeFi a Createlinx Ltd fintech/blockchain start-up. 
Favourite past-time - long quiet walks her Labrador.

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