Sule Yildirim | Associate Professor
N.T.N.U. | Norway

Sule Yildirim, Associate Professor, N.T.N.U.

Sule Yildirim Yayilgan is an associate professor from NTNU at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology (IIK) since 2009. She received a degree (Ph.D.) in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science in (2002). Her main fields of competence are artificial intelligence, biometrics, identity management at land borders, machine learning applications, medical image processing, document classification. She has participated in projects funded by EU Horizon 2020, Eurostars, Erasmus+ programs, the Research Council of Norway, the Regional Research Council of Norway and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway.  She has more than 20 years of teaching, supervision and research experience.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 2 @ 13:55

Panel: Implementing Biometrics at the Border

Panellists will evaluate the trial and implementation of biometric technology at land, sea and air border crossings to be less resource intensive and non-intrusive to travellers, while still providing a high degree of security.
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT

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