Sabah Jassim | Head Of Applied Computing Department
University of Buckingham

Sabah Jassim, Head Of Applied Computing Department, University of Buckingham

Professor of Mathematics and Computations at the school of Computing, University of Buckingham, UK. He graduated from Baghdad University (BSc & MSc in Mathematics) and holds a PhD in Mathematics from University of Swansea. Held academic posts at several universities (Swansea, De Montfort, City University-London, Fachhochschule Wedel–Germany, and Basrah & Sulaimani Universities in Iraq). Research interest cover includes Computational Geometry & Topology, Topological Image Analysis for tamper detection and tumour classification, Biometrics Recognition (Face & Gait), Privacy and Security of multimedia and Biometric templates, and Machine learning for tumour diagnostics. Published more than 160 research papers in refereed journals/conferences, and supervised over 29 PhD theses in Mathematics and Computing. Participated in EU projects (SecurePhone & BroadWan), and innovate-UK funded KTP industry projects, and collaborates with several EU institutes. Is a joint chair of an SPIE conference held annually in US.


IDW 2021 Day 1 @ 16:00

Challenges for Deepfake/fake-videos detection in social media and law-enforcing archives

IDW 2021 Day 2 @ 14:50

Panel: Developing trusted ecommerce experiences and seamlessly authenticating customer identity

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