Neil Akass | Service Manager And Product Owner
DVLA UK | United Kingdom

Neil Akass, Service Manager And Product Owner, DVLA UK

Neil is a Service Manager and Product Owner at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) UK


Day 3 @ 09:55

Panel Discussion - Personalisation and Issuance - What's Next?

Day 3 @ 13:35

Driving Licences: The Road Ahead

It is estimated that 59% of the world will have a smartphone by 2022. This massive increase in smartphone penetration presents both problems and prospects for secure documents to be derived onto mobile devices and how these identities will then be used for different services from proving legibility to drive to accessing websites and e-services.
last published: 23/May/19 14:05 GMT
last published: 23/May/19 14:05 GMT

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