Mindaugas Yyskupaitis | Policy Officer, DG Migration and Home Affairs
European Commission | Belgium

Mindaugas Yyskupaitis, Policy Officer, DG Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission

Mindaugas joined European Commission (DG for Migration and Home affairs) in early 2018 to digitalise things that are not yet digital in the Schengen visa application process. The experience and deep knowledge of the Schengen visa policy as well as practical implementation was gathered through 10 years work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and 4 years in the Embassy of Lithuania. This gave him a clear picture of the way forward for the digitalisation of the visa application process. This reflected in the study on the feasibility and implications of options to digitalise visa processing, which will be the core of his presentation.


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 3 @ 15:00

The (reliable) identity and digital visa processing (online application and digital visa)

The European Union common visa policy is an essential element in ensuring the secure and proper functioning of the Schengen Area without internal border controls. The processing of visa applications is already digital to a great extent. However, some key parts of the process remain paper-based, i.e. the submission of the visa application with the required supporting documents, and the issuing of the visa sticker, which is affixed to the travel document. This recent study on options to digitalise visa processing presents the solutions for improving these two steps by further digitalisation taking into account the impacts on the different stakeholders involved. The study compares the different options based on a thorough assessment in terms of legal, technical and security, including identity, analysis. E.g. due to the risks of identity fraud, the remote enrolment of biometric identifiers was not deemed feasible by the study results. This presentation will briefly present main findings of the study and how and why identity fraud still preventing from moving forward with a fully digital visa processing approach.
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