Michiel Van Der Veen | Chief Executive
EAB | Netherlands

Michiel Van Der Veen, Chief Executive, EAB

Michiel Van der Veen is Chief Executive of the EAB and supports the ID community with executive leadership and thought leadership in the field of digital ID & Biometrics  From 2000 onward, Michiel had several technical and leaderships roles in Philips Electronics, and received, in 2007, the Distinguished Employee Award.

In 2008, Michiel founded priv-ID, an early innovator in biometric, digital identity and privacy-by-design. It later merged with GenKey in 2011, with Michiel appointed CEO. He has led GenKey through multiple stages of growth to become one of the most trusted brands in the market to provide Identity for Development. In 2012 GenKey helped to deliver the world's first digital ID solution for Ghana's Presidential Elections. Since then, Michiel has been involved in many large-scale digital identity projects for governments and businesses, across Africa and Europe.

Michiel is a regular industry contributor, speaking about digital identity and biometric; along with future thinking about innovation and market trends. Currently, he is Chief Executive of the European Association for Biometrics (EAB), a non-profit and vendor neutral organisation focusing on the strategic ID challenges that Europe is facing. Michiel is also senior advisor Identity & Biometrics to World bank. Michiel has a Ph.D from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and further business education from Stanford. 


Day 3 @ 14:10

Future Proofing: The Need for Privacy by Design - Panel

last published: 20/May/19 07:45 GMT
last published: 20/May/19 07:45 GMT

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