Kathryn Alsbrooks | Director Of Federal Government Sales
HID Global | United States

Kathryn Alsbrooks, Director Of Federal Government Sales, HID Global

Kathy Alsbrooks is currently the Director of Federal Government Sales for the Citizen ID with HID Global. She joined HID in March 2006 as the Director for US Federal Government Sales at LaserCard Corporation. During her time at HID, Kathy has been responsible for securing US Federal Contract Awards valued at over $100 Million. She has championed strong document security and integrity throughout her time in the industry and most recently has been instrumental in the design and deployment of the Next Generation Permanent Resident and Employment Authorization Documents for the Department of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Services. With over 20 years of US Government Relations experience, Kathy has also served as Senior Legislative Director for the MIT Washington Office and as staff to several Members of the US House of Representatives. Kathy has been a member of the DSA since 2006 and has previously served on the Board of Directors as an Industry expert or analyst.

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