Kaija Kirch | Head of Digital Identity Technologies

Kaija Kirch, Head of Digital Identity Technologies, Cybernetica

Kaija Kirch is an ID expert, leading the Digital Identity Technologies Department at Estonian research and development company Cybernetica. Cybernetica's digital identity solution, a secure smartphone based digital authentication and signing product is used by 2 million customers on daily basis as a replacement for face-to-face meetings and handwritten signatures. Mrs Kirch's previous roles include leading the identification and digital identity service at the Estonian Police, leading the identity documents and visa policy at the Estonian Ministry of the Interior and working on different data security matters at the IT and Development Centre of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior. Mrs Kirch has also worked at the British Embassy in Tallinn where she held the position of the Cyber Policy Officer, leading the UK cyber policy and digital engagements in the Nordic-Baltic region. Kaija Kirch holds a MA in sociology from Tallinn University.


IDW 2021 Day 1 @ 11:50

Roundtable 4: Digital Sovereignty

IDW 2021 Day 2 @ 11:00

Panel: The future role of decentralised identity for customers and citizens

  • Championing digital privacy
  • Approaches to governance of decentralised identity frameworks
  • Building a viable decentralized identity ecosystem
  • Evaluating case studies and pilot projects in SSI and beyond
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